Valuable Topics To Discuss When Renting A Meeting Facility

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Whether you're organizing a strategic planning session for the top managers at your place or work or you're looking for an opportunity to gather the staff for some training away from the workplace, renting business meeting facilities is a logical choice. If you have multiple meeting facilities in your city, it's useful to identify a few that you're considering and then schedule in-person visits to browse the facilities and discuss the amenities. Make sure that you bring up the following topics when you're speaking to the rental representative.

Event Setup

It's important to know whether you'll be setting up the venue for your meeting or whether the staff can provide the service for you. Many facilities will have the room prepared in advance as part of the rental fee, while others will give you the option of setting up the space on your own as a way of keeping the rental fee within your budget. If you've opted for this approach, you need to find out how early before the event you can visit the facility to get everything set up.

Technical Topics

Regardless of the specific topics on your meeting's agenda, you'll likely need to rely on technology to some extent. To this end, make sure that the meeting facility has AV equipment such as a projector that you can use. It's also ideal if the facility has secured Wi-Fi that you and your colleagues can use, as well as wireless printing services that you can use to prepare for the event or print last-minute items that you'll need.

Included Supplies

Many conference facilities will include various work-related supplies that can keep your group happy. Ask about items such as lanyards, pens, notepads and other items that will be useful during a meeting, training session or any type of specific work get-together. Having these items placed on a table near the entrance or distributed at tables throughout the room provides your event with an organized feel that your attendees will appreciate upon arriving.


Don't make the mistake of overlooking the parking situation. Conference facilities should ideally have extensive parking for free. Think about how many people will be attending your work function and ensure that the facility can accommodate their parking needs. If the parking lot is full, determine where attendees can park on the street. Some facilities will also provide shuttle service between the facility and a nearby parking area.