Host A Nostalgic Engagement Party At A Banquet Hall

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Take a walk down memory lane by hosting an engagement party that symbolizes the time that you and your significant other first met by incorporating the following ideas. Rent a banquet hall for you, your partner, and friends and family members to enjoy the gathering while making new memories that will follow you throughout the rest of your lives.

Add Decorations And Play Your Favorite Tunes

Decorate the banquet hall to resemble the place that you and your loved one first met. If you met at a park, post photographs of it on the walls or create cardboard cutouts of flowers and trees and place them around the hall. If you met at a skating rink, hang disco balls and lights from the ceiling. Be creative and try to transform the hall into an area that closely resembles the place that you have in mind. Play some of your favorite music on a stereo or hire a disc jockey to assist with selecting music that fits into the time period.

Dress The Part

Purchase an outfit that represents the occasion when you and your mate met. Encourage your loved one to wear clothing that is reminiscent of the time era, as well. When preparing invitations for friends and family members, mention the fact that you would like to be reminded of days gone by and request that they wear clothing that fits into the time frame that you have in mind.

On the day of the party, you will be surrounded by people who look like they have stepped out of a photo album that is full of memories. This will help you feel as if time has stood still for years and will help you focus on the moment that you first laid eyes on your partner.      

Serve Food Items From Your History

If you and your partner went out to eat on your first date, select food items to serve that represent that particular memory. If food wasn't eaten during the time initially spent together, select items that you both ate together as time passed by, as you both got to know each other. Either prepare food items on your own or hire a caterer to assist. Place the food items in trays that are displayed across long tables inside of the banquet hall. Invite your guests to help themselves, so that they can choose different dishes that appeal to them.

Your unique engagement party will likely be a hit and everyone who attends will be able to let loose while remembering great moments from the past .