How To Plan A Circus-Themed Birthday Party With Party Rental Equipment

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For a fun way to celebrate your little one's birthday, consider a circus-themed party in your backyard. With the right party rental equipment, you can recreate the excitement of the big top and throw a bash your child's friends won't soon forget. Here are some ways to make this event a success using the right party rentals.

Concession Cart

Nothing says circus party quite like popcorn and cotton candy. Consider renting a popcorn cart and cotton candy maker and set them up in different areas in your backyard. Your rental company will typically have all of the ingredients available for purchase, along with bags to serve the items with. Be sure to assign one adult to work each concession cart throughout the party so no little ones attempt to help themselves. You can even bag up these tasty treats to give each child something to take home with them at the end of the event.


From the ring toss to the duck pond, having lots of games at your event can continue the circus theme of the party in your backyard. Choose three or four games that meet the skill levels of your guests, and stock up on prizes you can pass out to the winners. Your party rental company may have prizes available to purchase, or you can buy bulk packages of candy, stuffed animals and toys online. Consider having something to pass out to your littlest guests even if they don't win a game.


The centerpiece of your circus-themed party should be your tent. You can rent colorful circus-style striped tents in a range of sizes. The tent can be used to house all of the games and concession carts, or you can reserve the tent for seating guests at mealtime. Remember to rent tables and chairs for the tent regardless of how it will be used, as this will give guests a place to sit and take a break from all of the party fun. You may also want to consider renting a helium tank and purchasing balloons to decorate the tent and the entrance to your party.

Of course, there is plenty of other party rental equipment to choose from for your circus-themed party. If parents are willing to participate in the party, you can rent a dunk tank so kids can see their parents get dunked, or you can rent inflatable slides and obstacle courses to give kids a fun physical challenge at the party. Let your imagination roam free and have fun picking out party rental equipment for your circus-themed party. For information on what rental items are available, contact a party rental company like Ken Rent.