How To Select A Favorable Location For Your First Trade Show

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Trade shows are a wonderful opportunity for many companies since they can land several new accounts as a result. If you are in charge of coordinating this type of event for the first time, choosing the right spot is key to its success. If the event location is not perfect, companies will not return for subsequent events hosted in the future. Here are some steps a novice host can use in making sure that guests return for future events and that companies can adequately show off their products or services.

Consider The Weather Conditions

Hosting your show outside is a great idea since it will attract the attention of the casual passerby; and, it will be more apparent and convenient for those who aren't familiar with the city's layout. But if you want to hold the event outside, it will be important to have protection for booths from inclement weather. Providing designated areas with adequate coverage for people to get out of harm's way will be necessary. Set tents up in rows so that companies will have a centralized spot to set up their wares and guests won't have to face the elements trying to get from one tent to the next. A polyester-vinyl tent fabric is ideal for many business's "messier" products, as it is easy to clean. If you just want to protect the guests from the sun, go with a nylon fabric since it is more breathable. Lastly, if you cannot get an indoor venue but you know the weather will be bad, consider using rip-stop nylon coverings since they are durable and waterproof.

Offer Areas For Electronic Devices To Be Utilized

For companies to properly show off their products or services, electricity will be needed. Hosting an event in a meeting space where there are plenty of outlets available for electrical use is best for companies so they can use microphones, monitors, and other electronic mediums. Make sure there is a generator on site to handle an unexpected power outage so booths will have the opportunity to back up computer information without risk to their laptops. Talk with a professional, like Meet Chicago Northwest, for more information.

Select A Location With Food Availability For Guests To Enjoy

One way to increase the happiness of event participants is to have ample supply of food and beverages at the event. Selecting an establishment with a kitchen on the premises will help keep people at the event for a longer amount of time as they will not need to leave to be sustained throughout the day. An alternate idea is to set up tents near a less-busy road so that food trucks can easily set up shop and easily leave when they need to. Lastly, you could rent a venue that also offers catering so that you can get a bundled price when you are booking the location.

Keep prices moderate and give out free samples to keep guests moving about the event. Make sure the establishment has a seating area available so potential customers can take a break from browsing the trade show booths when desired.