Throwing A Vegas-Themed Wedding: Four Fun Reception Ideas

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You may not be able to go to Las Vegas to get married, but you can throw an exciting Vegas-themed wedding for a unique way to celebrate your love for your future spouse. With a few creative ideas, you can transform your reception hall into a high-stakes casino retreat. Here are just some of the ways you can create this theme for your big day.

Take A Gamble On Table Decor

Forget about traditional floral centerpieces, and create casino-themed tables your guests will delight in. Fill large clear vases with poker chips or dice, and surround the vases with small votive candles for a touch of romance. If your reception hall does not allow regular candles, you can also opt for LED candles. Choose red tablecloths, black linen napkins and white chair covers with red tiebacks. You can even get creative with your napkins by using currency straps (like the ones banks use to separate stacks of money) as napkin rings. Place a deck of custom-printed playing cards at each table setting for a fun wedding favor.

Set Up Gaming Tables

While you may not be able to let your guests gamble for real, you can set up gaming tables for them to try their luck during your reception. Consider adding a blackjack, poker, and roulette table to the reception room, and have some fun door prizes available for your winners. Some ideas for prizes might include Elvis Presley CDs, gift certificates for local casinos or bags of candy. Be sure to have your wedding planner arrange to staff the tables during the reception.

Hire Vegas-Style Entertainment

Las Vegas is an entertainment city, so consider bringing in an entertainer to create the feeling of a Vegas show at your reception. You can hire a lounge singer, an Elvis impersonator, or showgirl dancers from a local entertainment company. If hiring live performers doesn't appeal to you, consider having a karaoke machine set up so your guests can provide the soundtrack for your wedding.

Offer A Buffet

Buffets are often found at casinos, so why not bring this idea to your wedding reception? Work with your caterer to create a buffet menu inspired by Las Vegas casinos and resorts, and get creative with the way the food is displayed. Have playing cards custom-printed with the name of each menu item, and place the cards on metal holders in front of each buffet selection. Use loose dice as decorations on the table, and choose gold plates for your guests to eat off of.

You don't have to elope to have all of the fun of a Las Vegas wedding. Use these ideas to create an exciting wedding theme at your reception hall your guests won't soon forget.