Budget Tips for Bat-Mitzvah Planning

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Your daughter is turning 12 and looking forward to her bat mitzvah, but you are on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are many ways to save cash without sacrificing the celebration. The following are a few money-saving tips you can use when planning your daughter's bat mitzvah.

Tip #1: Stick to your guest list

All good parties start with a good guest list. This means you will need to make up the guest list before you do any other planning. Failing to do so will cost you money, since you may either overbuy for a smaller list or end up scrambling to find a larger venue (and thus losing deposits on smaller venues) when the guest list becomes larger. Limit the guest list to a number that you can comfortably afford while still ensuring that family and those closest to your daughter make the cut.

Tip #2: Design your own stationary

There's no need to shell out for expensive engraved invitations and thank-you cards. You can come up with your own design and have it printed professionally for a low cost through an online service. As an alternative, consider using photo cards, which are available for a reasonable price online as well as from local retailers. If your daughter has an artistic flair, she may even enjoy designing the cards herself.

Tip #3: Choose an inclusive venue

Venues that include multiple services under a single price can be much more budget friendly than your having to contract for every service. For example, choose a venue that provides tables, chairs, linens, and access to a kitchen. Some venues even have catering options available that may be suitable and more budget conscious than bringing in an outside caterer. This will allow you to save on both party rentals and catering services.

Tip #4: Decorate tastefully

Tasteful and attractive decorations don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Most young ladies want a more sophisticated theme for this important celebration, so leave the crepe streamers at home. Instead, create your own elegant table cards with attractive paper and place a centerpiece on each table. Floating candles in tall vases, especially if there is an LED light in the base of the vase, are attractive options. You can tie a single balloon to each vase to add height. Vases can be found inexpensively from bargain stores or even second hand, since many people try to get rid of them after their own party.

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