Three Things To Look For In An Event Center

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Planning an employee event for your company requires attention to detail if you want to ensure things go well. One major aspect that is overlooked is the presentation stage. It's easy to simply think that a clear spot is sufficient to keep the employees focused and engaged on the main event. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Here are three things to look for in your event location that can improve your presentation.

#1: A raised stage

There are generally two options when it comes to raising the stage. The first is to opt for an event center that has a fixed stage platform. These are generally at one end of the room. The benefits are that you may have access to a backstage area, and that the stage is plug and play since the center likely has it wired for sound and lights. Another option is to opt for a center that has portable stages available. You can usually choose from a square or circular stage. This gives you more freedom for setting up the space, since you can place the stage in the center of the room. You won't have a backstage area, though, and you may have to contend with cables unless the center offers a wireless sound system.

#2: Lighting options

Lighting helps keep the focus on the stage. The best option is to find an event center that has an overhead lighting system that you or a stage technician will have access to. This system will allow you to seamlessly lower the lights and turn on spot lights to draw all eyes to the stage. Just beware – if the system allows special effects, like starbursts and colored gels, not to overuse them since they can detract from your overall presentation.

#3: An integrated media system

The type of system you need depends upon your planned presentation. At a bare minimum, a decent sound system is a must. This should include fixed speakers around the room as well as wireless microphones for those on stage to use. For presentations requiring video or slideshows, make sure the event center has the systems in place for these. Built-in systems that drop from the ceiling are the best, since you don't have to worry about setup and the mistakes that can occur. If they have to bring in projectors, make sure the event center provides full technically help in setting up and running these systems.

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