Wedding Venues: What Do You Need To Know?

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It finally happened — he proposed! Now it's time to look at wedding venues, dresses, cakes, caterers and everything else that you'll need for you big day. Where should you start? You've got a theme and you've created a budget. Now it's time to start researching reception venue options. Before calling possible event space in a 50-mile radius, begin by asking yourself (and your soon-to-be spouse) some venue-related questions.

What do you need to consider before picking the ideal reception spot? Take a look at some of the most common wedding venue questions.

Is the Reception Indoors or Outdoors?

When it comes to down to it, you need to start with the space. If your dream reception happens under a starry sky, on a grassy field or in the midst of twinkle-lit trees, then an indoor banquet facility isn't for you. You'll need to start looking at wedding venues that have easily accessible outdoor options.

But if you're planning a Valentine's Day February wedding, you don't like the great outdoors or you just feel more comfortable with an indoor party place, you have no reason to even consider looking at outdoor venues.

How Many People Are on the Guest List?

Is this a small, intimate wedding with just your immediate family and best friends? Or are you having a major event, and inviting everyone from your third cousins to your boss's daughter? More likely, it's somewhere in the middle.

Start with your guest list, estimating how many people will attend. This will give you an idea of the space requirements. Keep in mind, many outdoor venues can be expanded to accommodate larger crows. But indoor event halls or banquet facilities have regulations (such as fire safety laws) to max out the number of people who can fit in one room. You need to make sure that the number of guests fits the space. A venue that only fits two-thirds of your guests won't do — even if everything else about it is perfect.

Is Catering Provided?

Whether you're having a lunchtime reception or an evening bash, you need to provide your guests with food. If the wedding venue offers a full-service catering menu, you're in luck. That's one less vendor you'll have to find.

But if they don't, you'll need to hire an outside caterer. If this is the case, ask the venue coordinator or manager who they regularly work with. A caterer who knows that space will make your day go smoothly. Someone who is new to the venue may have small hiccups (such as not knowing where to park or needing to spend time familiarizing themselves with the set-up) that can take away from your special day.

There are options galore when it comes to wedding venue ideas, such as Rainbow Gardens. From outdoor affairs to intimate indoor receptions, you can choose whatever space meets your needs. Sit down, talk to your soon-to-be spouse and answer these (and any other) important venue-related questions. When it comes to your big day, you want to make sure that you're getting the event of your dreams.