Learn What Things To Consider When Deciding What Venue To Choose For Your Company's Anniversary Party

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If you are planning on throwing a huge anniversary party for your business to thank everyone for their hard work throughout the year at your business, it is important to be sure to choose the right venue for the event. There are many different factors that must be considered when choosing a venue. The following guide provides you with a few things you need to know before hunting for the perfect event venue for your party.

Consider How Many People Will be Attending the Party

You first need to consider how many people you plan on coming to the party. If you want it to be a huge party where there will be dining and dancing, you need to be sure that you consider that each person that works for you will more than likely want to bring a guest with them. You need to be sure to choose a venue that can accommodate that number of people. Venues are often limited to the number of people they can allow in based on the maximum number of occupants dictated by the fire department.

Consider If You Want There to be Alcohol at the Party

There are some venues that do not allow alcohol in the venue under any circumstances. There are some venues to allow that there be alcohol if they supply it and everyone buys from them. There are other venues that allow you to have alcohol if you get a temporary liquor license to use during the event and supply the liquor that will be served. You need to decide ahead of time if you want people to be able to drink at the party or not so that you have time to get a temporary liquor license if it is needed.

Consider If You Want Food Served at the Party

It is important to realize that there are some venues that only allow food to be served that is purchased through them. There are also venues that allow you to hire a private caterer to serve food at the event, if you pay a fee. You need to decide what type of food you want to serve and if you want to have a buffet or plated meal served to everyone, if you do want food served at the event.

Planning for a huge company party takes a lot of time and can be very tedious. It is best to get started with the planning as soon as you can so that you do not forget anything important along the way. Use an event service, like DEER MOUNTAIN EVENTS, for more help.