Three Perfect Attractions To Have At Your Pumpkin Patch

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If you're a farmer who grows pumpkins, Halloween will be a big time of the year for your business. With many families in the community eager to buy pumpkins to carve, it's advantageous for you to create an atmosphere that encourages families to visit your farm and pick out their perfect pumpkins. In order to make your location even more desirable to families — and improve your ability to earn revenue at this important time of the year — it's useful to plan some appropriate attractions for families. Here are some ideas that you can implement. 

Corn Maze

If you grow corn in addition to pumpkins, which is often the case for many farmers, cutting away some of the corn to build a maze can be a prime attraction in the community. In fact, you may even find that families who don't celebrate Halloween are still eager to visit your farm to enjoy the corn maze. Corn is the perfect medium for a maze because the stalks are high enough that it's difficult to get one's bearings. People of all ages will have fun plunging into the corn and trying to find their way out. Space permitting, you may even wish to cut a couple different mazes, including a simple one designed for young children. 

Hay Rides

As a farmer, you almost certainly have a wagon, and you likely either have a tractor or some horses. These are the materials that you'll need to offer hay rides when people visit your pumpkin patch around Halloween. Load up a wagon with several bales of hay, and then hitch it behind your tractor or a team of horses. Hay rides are especially popular among children, although adults will get a thrill with this experience, too. If one of your pumpkin patches is well away from the parking lot of your farm, you may even want to have people ride on the wagon to pick out their pumpkins, and then carry them back on the wagon. 

Haunted Barn

You can get people into the Halloween spirit even more by converting one of your barns into a haunted location. There are many different ways that you can approach this project, but keeping the barn dark and using mannequins with scary masks hiding in the hay, hanging from the rafters, and stashed in other locations, can all be valuable. Fake cobwebs, rubber bats, skeleton bones, and creepy music played over a stereo set up out of sight can all contribute to the spooky feel.

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