Having A Tented Wedding? 5 Ways To Use Its Features To Delight Your Guests

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A framed wedding tent is the perfect way to make your outdoor wedding both romantic and comfortable. Go beyond a traditional tent look by spicing it up with a few of these fantastic ideas.

1. String Lights. Tents make great places to hang string lights for a soft glow. Because of the addition of solid frames, you can almost literally wrap the whole wedding in soft, star-like lighting. For a particularly great "starry night" effect, hang string lights across the roof frame between the two long sides. Turn down the lower lights and watch your reception really shine. 

2. Decorate Outside. Why be limited to just decorating the tent? An outdoor venue is all about freedom to create the environment you want for your wedding, so make use of the outside too. Are you using lots of soft, romantic candles, flowers, or lanterns? Continue the theme on the grass around the tent or use them to build a beautiful walkway leading guests inside.

3. Make an Entrance. If you're skipping the full sides on the wedding tent, make a designated entrance by adding a beautiful arch or arbor to greet guests. This splashy entrance location will guide people and set the mood for your decor. Use the wedding flowers along with lots of greenery and add something fun, such as the bride and groom's initials in large letters. 

4. Hang Flowers. Another excellent use of the overhead space in a tent is to hang flowers upside-down over the guests. Add a hanging frame below the roof frame, so you have a horizontal surface to work from. Hang the long stems of flowers — larger blooms in the case of a larger tent — from the frames. Complement the upside-down buds with dangling strings of faux pearl or gems and greenery to make it a sea of organic awesomeness above guests.

5. Add Trees. Frame tents provide a lot of unused height. One easy way to accentuate and fill this height is to bring in medium-sized trees in large potted containers. You can also use dwarf trees and shrubs along the lower outside walls to keep the theme going. If you wanted an outdoor wedding, but the weather isn't so great, this is a perfect way to create nature inside.

Clearly, modern tent weddings have more options than they've ever had. Start with a quality framed tent, and the rest is only limited by your imagination.