Celebrate Your Love With A Vow Renewal Ceremony

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For married couples who want to celebrate their love in a special way, a vow renewal ceremony is the perfect answer. This informal tradition gives you the chance to relive the major milestones in your relationship and enjoy the journey with friends and family.

But, what does a vow renewal entail? And how can you personalize yours? Here's a short guide.

Who Hosts a Renewal?

Vow renewal ceremonies and related parties are generally hosted by the couple renewing. If you and your spouse have older children, it's considered a kind gesture if they host the gathering and participate in the ceremony in some way. Generally, the couple also pays for the costs, although family and friends may opt to chip in. If you want a big party or have a limited budget, plan a renewal for a special anniversary or event. If you want, though, you can host as many renewals as you want over the years. 

How Should You Renew?

Renewal ceremonies are as unique as the people involved in them, so express your own personality and style. You may want a full ceremony similar to your original wedding, or you may opt for a simple statement of vows before your friends and family. There is usually a party after the ceremony, but the size and shape of the festivities is completely up to you. Bring your dogs, have a picnic, or rent a local theater for a glitzy party. There are no rules or formalities, so focus on having fun. 

Who Do You Want to Invite?

Most vow renewals are more intimate affairs than the original wedding, and the emphasis is on sharing this moment with close friends and family. Invite people who have meaning in your life as a couple or as a family, rather than workmates, schoolmates, and second cousins once removed. Do include those who were in your wedding if possible. Unlike most wedding planning, the best way to approach a renewal ceremony guest list is by starting with a small group and only adding people as needed. 

Where Should You Have Your Renewal? 

Because a vow renewal is a celebration of love rather than a formal affair, you can do it just about anywhere that appeals to you. You may opt for a traditional wedding venue or simply rent a tent on the beach. Choose to put chairs in the backyard or stand together in a beautiful park. Consider a destination event or even a wild weekend in Vegas. The location and party style will depend on your goals and your budget. 

Ready to start planning your vow renewal ceremony? No matter what you make of it, you're sure to create a day that you and your family will never forget. For more information, talk to a party rental service.