Creative Seating Plans For Your Wedding Reception

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If your wedding day is coming up and you are still uncertain about how you are going to set up the dining area for your guests, you may be interested in trying some unique ways to add a creative twist to the festivities. Visual aids can be used to inform your guests about the location of their seats and this will eliminate confusion as people arrive for the celebration.

Tie The Menu In With The Seating

Restaurants often use chalkboards or laminated surfaces to relay the daily specials as guests filter into the dining areas. Use this method to inform your guests about where they will be sitting. This will work great for a buffet-style meal as well as a menu that consists of standard dinner options.

Use one chalkboard or laminated surface as an overview of the items that are being served during the reception and another board or surface to create a basic diagram that represents the event tables that are part of the dining ensemble. List the names of the guests alongside of each table and use arrows or basic instructions to inform your guests about the location of each one. 

Use Favored Items To Create A Seating Chart

Showcase some of your and your partner's interests during the reception by creating a dining area that focuses on a specific hobby. For instance, if you and your loved one are fond of traveling and have spent quite a bit of time exploring various areas, then use the locations to decorate each rental table. Pictures of the places, decorative signs, or memorabilia that correlates to each spot can be used as centerpieces for the tables.

Create a bulletin board that lists the names of the tables and the names of the people who will be sitting at each "location." If you do not want to use traveling as the theme, then choose another hobby and create table layouts that represent a part of the interest that you have selected.

Add A Color-Themed Layout

If your event table rental company offers a wide range of table coverings, choose a color scheme that contains multiple colors. Each table can be covered with a specific colored covering, which will make it easy for your guests to keep track of where they are sitting.

This will aid your guests after they leave the table to dance or help themselves to mixed cocktails or food that is being served across the room. Design or purchase name tags that contain each guest's name. Secure a small color swatch to each tag to remind your guests of where they will be sitting.