What You Need To Know About Hosting A Holistic Health Conference

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A holistic living conference is an event whose time has come. As more people are interested in being proactive about preventing illness rather than treating it, they are looking for ways to treat their mind, body, and spirit better. Host a holistic living expo to bring together many local consumers with businesses and community leaders who can fulfill their needs. Here's what you need to know to create and host a successful holistic living conference. 

Bring In Speakers Who Offer Value to Attendees 

Choosing speakers for an event can be a tricky part of planning it. You want to pick people who are inspiring for your target audience. Oftentimes it's the fact that someone wants to hear a particular speaker that will prompt them to buy a ticket for the entire event. On the other hand, you want speakers who are in line with the mission of your event and who won't pose a conflict of interests with your sponsors, advertisers, and businesses who will be tabling at the expo.

Before hiring a speaker, be sure to Google their name. That's a simple step but will often bring up any potential controversies. Also, look through their public social media feeds to ensure that they aren't posting offensive things. Avoid people who might bring that controversy to your event or possibly divide attendees. 

Be Inclusive with Your Catering 

When catering the event and inviting food companies to table it, consider the needs of your attendees. Many people who are into holistic living choose to live a vegan lifestyle, and they may have strict ethics against any kind of exploitation of animals. Since everyone can enjoy vegan food, it's best to err on the side of having a lot of delicious, vegan snacks and dishes available. 

Take Risks and Bring Something New to the Table 

If people are into holistic living and are excited about attending events that cater to the lifestyle, they have probably been to other expos. A conference focused on health can feel repetitive if people are frequently attending holistic living events. Try to excite those who frequently attend this sort of event by taking risks to add new and exciting things. 

Cover parts of holistic living that aren't often addressed. Consider having a panel about niche topics and those that are overlooked in the community. For example, you may consider having a panel within the event about how people of all sizes can be healthy and focused on holistic living. Invite a speaker to discuss why plant-based dining is good for the whole body.

Finally, celebrate the positive when it comes to holistic living at your event. This is not the place for politics or cynicism. As the person organizing the event, you have the power to set the tone for it. Approach the holistic living expo with a hopeful attitude and make sure that positivity is communicated in everything from your event posters to the ads that will be online or in local papers.