Are You Hosting A Party To Welcome The New Year?

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Did you decide that you would pass up your traditional New Year's Eve party and plan one for later in January of 2020? If so, your friends are probably somewhat relieved that there is one less social function they will have to attend during the busy holiday seasons. They'll have the opportunity to put away decorations, take a breather, and then attend a festive event when life has settled down a bit.

Are you looking for ideas that make your party a fun and memorable event? If so, keep reading to get some ideas that might be a great help to you.

Finding a Venue

The first thing on your to-do list will more than likely be to find the best party venue. If the invitation list is small, you might just want to host the party at your own home. Maybe you could have a casual theme where your friends don't have to dress up. If you decide on that, think of arranging a buffet of things like finger foods that don't have to be heated. Some of the foods you could serve are listed below:

Maybe your guest list is quite long. If that's true, then think of arranging for a social event venue like a room at a hotel or at a historic house that offers party rooms. If you decide to arrange for a more formal venue, think of having the party catered. If you choose a banquet room at a hotel, there might even be caterers available right at the hotel. Choose your own menu, or ask the caterers to suggest a menu that they know will be well received. 

If you do decide on a formal event venue, find out if the facility will provide things like chairs and tables. If you'll have a DJ or a band as part of the entertainment, make sure that the mechanical necessities will be available to you.

Get the name of one person who will be able to answer questions or concerns. Find out ahead of time the best way to communicate with that person. Get a back-up name, just in case your to-go person isn't available when you need him or her.