Are You Planning Your Daughter's Wedding Reception?

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Are you planning a fall wedding event for your daughter? If so, you must be feeling fortunate that she's not getting married in these days of social distancing. Will the reception be held right in the backyard of your own home? Maybe you are at the part where you are thinking of the wedding party rentals you'll need. Read on for some ideas that might help you.

The Big Items You'll Need To Rent 

Start making a list of the items you need, going from the latest items to the smallest.

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to have a perfectly beautiful autumn day with clear skies. Still, it would be smart for you to arrange to rent party tents, just in case you have unexpected rain. Rent one smaller tent where food and drinks will be served. Then rent a larger one where those who attend the wedding reception will sit. 

If you are planning a formal seated meal, you'll also need to put tables and chairs on your list of wedding party rentals. Just tell the agent at the rental facility how many guests you're expecting. He or she will have the experience to know how many tables and chairs you'll need. For instance, if you invite four hundred people to your daughter's wedding, the agent at the party rental facility might tell you that about one-half of those will actually attend the main event.

Will there be dancing as part of the festivities? The rental agency might even have a portable dance floor you can rent.

The Little Things You'll Need To Rent 

You name it, and you can probably rent it.

Beautiful fabric tablecloths and napkins will more than likely be available in many colors. For instance, if your daughter's wedding colors are turquoise and white, the agency will probably be able to provide linens in those colors.

Dinnerware that looks like sterling silver and fine china plates, or china lookalikes should also be on your list. Depending on your menu, small salad plates might be added to your rental list. Little plates for pieces of wedding cake or other treats will be available, too.

Don't forget to rent glasses. For instance, you'll want glasses for ice water, and you might also want wine glasses or champagne flutes.

When you talk to the agent at the rental facility, ask him or her if you are forgetting something. For instance, if you are serving punch, it might be suggested that you rent an elegant punch bowl and small punch cups.