Rent Vintage Furnishings For Your Wedding Reception

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Vintage chairs, couches, and a bar set will coincide with the classic theme that you are using for your wedding reception. Visualize how you would like to divide up the space that you have reserved for the reception and browse through products that are offered through some local furniture rental companies.

Enough Seating For Each Activity

Some party seating rental companies offer distinct furnishings that differ from straight-backed or folding chairs. A bar set, loveseats, couches, bench seating, coffee tables, and buffet tables are some furnishings that can be used to create a makeshift bar, a photo area, and a dining section.

Older pieces may include tight-backed sofas or loveseats and tables that contained rounded edges and ornate trim. For a rustic touch that includes classic pieces that appear to be weathered and worn, choose furnishings that contain distressed wood or other materials that possess natural textures, basic colors, and simple patterns.

Designate enough space for each activity that will be held in the reception room and decide what types of furnishings will be needed for each area. For a large group of people and a lot of time set aside for socializing, order enough chairs so that each person will be supplied with somewhere to sit down.

Classic slotback, wooden framed, or parlor chairs can be arranged along a long buffet table. Choose smaller seating arrangements for the other activities, such as a few loveseats and couches for your guests to relax on or a grouping of furnishings that can be used during photoshoots.

The Style And Some Accessories

A formal wedding that is going to possess a classic vibe or a relaxed occasion that uses a rustic theme and muted colors are completely different approaches and will require different furnishings. When contacting a representative of a party seating rental company, supply them with a description of how you would like to set up the reception room.

Either pick pieces that are all part of the same line and that contain similar colors and fabric types or choose an eclectic grouping of furnishings that will allow you to create separate areas, each with a distinct look.

Maybe you would like to go with a western vibe for the bar area and use a solid wood bar and a basic set of bar stools and use more colors and textures for the area where pictures will be taken. You can also add in some of your own personal touches, by using memorabilia, lamps, throw covers, and other personal effects that are vintage, to highlight each area where furnishings will be used. 

Contact a local event seating rental service to learn more.