3 Problems You Shrink By Planning A Small Wedding

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Are you considering having a small wedding instead of a big one? Many couples thinking of a small wedding agree that it can be a big money saver. After all, you don't have to feed or find a venue for 100 or 200 people. But along with shrinking your budget, can this move shrink other wedding challenges? Listed below are some good examples. 

1. Shrink Your Planning

A small wedding means fewer decisions, fewer rentals, and fewer elements. This shrinks the planning process significantly. This is particularly important for couples who want to plan a short engagement and get to their nuptials faster. 

In addition, small weddings often leave out some traditions that are less important to the couple. You can easily skip things like cocktail hour, a plated dinner, the garter toss, or wedding favors. The freedom to excise some elements that are a given at larger, more traditional weddings allows you to focus on things that mean more to you and for which you're willing to fight. 

2. Shrink Your Wedding Day

The less you have to do on the big day, the less time you must devote to wedding preparation, execution, and cleanup.

For instance, a small venue will be easier and faster to decorate. There's less to disassemble and clear out at the end of the evening. Photograph sessions take less time. And even the ceremony itself may be shorter. So rather than having to get up early and slog through a long day and late finish, you can enjoy the wedding day more. 

3. Shrink Your Conflicts

Do you or your fiancé have family or friends who might try to insert their own ideas? Do they want you to include traditions that you'd rather not do? Do you worry about your drunk uncles making a spectacle of themselves?

No matter what the possible conflicts, smaller weddings mean reduced conflict points. By selecting a small venue, you have a built-in reason not to invite everyone — and you can't accommodate everyone's ideas or suggestions. A small wedding party limits the likelihood of interpersonal trouble or wedding attire disagreements. And less decorating or cleanup keeps everyone from getting on each other's nerves. 

Where to Start

Ready to start reducing your planning, your schedule, and your stresses? Start by touring small, private wedding venues in your area today. No matter what your goals are for the wedding day, you may find that this one decision makes everything smoother and more enjoyable.

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