Portable Bathroom Rental Features Ideal For Bathroom Remodels

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A bathroom remodel provides an ideal way to transform your home and upgrade bathroom fixtures, but if you don't have extra bathrooms in the home, then you could be stuck without access to everyday bathroom use. While you go through the remodel process, consider a portable bathroom rental.

Larger than a standard portable toilet, a portable bathroom trailer includes a wide range of features to help you get through the whole remodel process. As you search for portable bathroom rentals, consider some of the following features to make the experience go smoothly.

Built-In Lockers

Along with bathroom access, you may need a place to put bathroom accessories and items. As your regular bathroom goes through the remodel process, you do not want to worry about going back and forth between the house just to retrieve items. A portable bathroom can include built-in lockers that allow you to organize items.

Use the lockers to hold extra towels, hand towels, and accessories like soaps. As you prepare for the day, you could put an outfit in the locker and change in the bathroom as needed. The easy access will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Multiple Stalls

Rent a portable bathroom that includes multiple stalls. If you have multiple people who live with you, then you do not need a line forming outside the bathroom stall. With multiple stalls, everyone has the chance to use the bathroom. Some portable bathrooms will include separate entry stalls for each door. Others will include barriers between each stall for privacy.

Along with multiple stalls, some of the portable bathrooms will include multiple sinks. The sink areas allow people to easily brush teeth, apply products, and get ready for the day without bumping elbows or waiting long periods of time.

Shower Stalls

Some of the more advanced luxury bathroom rentals will also include shower stalls. When a bathroom remodel takes a week or longer, you will need to figure out ways to get clean. A shower stall provides fresh water options and a chance to shower without the need to rush a bathroom remodel along.

You can use a private shower area, lock the bathroom from the inside, and get clean inside the luxury feature. Some bathrooms may include multiple shower stalls. The extra shower stalls provide an ideal area if you have multiple children in the home and so everyone doesn't have to share the same shower.

Figure out all of your needs and then rent a portable rental to fit those needs as you finish the remodel on your home. 

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