3 Tips To Pick A Venue For A Bright And Cheery Wedding

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Getting engaged is exciting because it marks the start of planning your wedding. Each couple likely has their own preferences and priorities for their venue, ceremony, and reception. You may feel determined to get married in a venue that looks and feels both bright and cheery.

While you can greatly impact these demands with planning and vendors, you also want to pick a venue with the right features and qualities. So, you want to take your time analyzing venues — such as Alta House Event Center — to choose one that will give you the bright and cheerful wedding you desire.


A great way to enjoy these two qualities at your wedding is with incredible lighting. The tricky part is deciding whether to go with an indoor or outdoor venue. An outdoor venue can give you impressive natural lighting when you get married on a clear and sunny day.

When you are most interested in an outdoor venue, you can analyze historical weather patterns and reserve a date around times with full sun. This process will maximize the chance of getting a bright and cheery wedding through sunlight exposure alone. An alternative is to reserve an indoor venue where you can guarantee sufficient lighting with a proper setup.

An important step is to analyze indoor venues carefully and thoroughly. Going on an in-person tour can help you discover all about the lighting you can get for your wedding. Chandeliers, recessed lights, wall sconces, pendant lights, windows, and skylights all provide lighting.


While natural or artificial light can provide enough illumination for a bright wedding, you also want it to feel cheerful. Going on tours at different venues will allow you to see many indoor and outdoor features to help you determine your favorites. For instance, you might like an outdoor venue with colorful flowers, plants, and trees to enjoy with your spouse.

Another possibility is preferring an indoor venue with unique designs and patterns. You may love knowing that your photos will be taken with these features as a backdrop.


Decorations will undoubtedly play a huge role in making your wedding bright and cheerful. Although you can organize decorations or hire a professional, you can also pick a venue package where all decorations are included and mesh well with the space. A great plan is to prioritize venues with packages with decorations you find attractive and inviting.

Use these tips to find an ideal wedding venue to create a bright and cheery wedding.