Art-Related Things You'll Find At A Mind, Body, And Spirit Expo

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Attending an expo that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit can often inspire you to lead a healthier, more nourishing life. You'll learn about things such as meditation and healthy eating, and even get a chance to have a psychic reading, all of which can be enjoyable. As you browse the venue, you'll also see a number of art-related booths that may interest you. You might enjoy speaking to a few of the artists or perhaps buying something from them. While the booths can vary from expo to expo, here are some art-related things that you'll often find at this type of event.


It's common to find a booth at a mind, body, and spirit expo that offers henna painting. If you've seen people in the past with henna designs on their hands but have never experienced this type of art for yourself, you might wish to sit down and have a henna artist create a design on one of your hands. These designs are highly symbolic, and it can be interesting to listen to the artist describe their creation as they paint. Henna will remain on your body for several days before fading away, so you'll enjoy the opportunity to show lots of people the design.

Custom Jewelry

Another art-related booth that you'll likely see at a mind, body, and spirit expo is a booth that features a local jewelry artist. They'll have a number of pieces of jewelry on display that you can browse and buy, but they may also be taking custom orders. In some cases, you may be able to place an order when you first visit the booth and pick up your one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry later in the expo. These jewelry creations will often use natural materials and special stones and crystals.


It's also common to see one or more painters at this type of expo, but they'll often be painting in a spiritual way. For example, you may see an artist who is creating an abstract work of art that solely uses the colors of the chakra. They'll often have several different paintings for sale, and you may find that one is a good fit for your home or place of work. For example, if you work as a yoga teacher, you might find that a chakra-inspired piece of art would look perfect on the wall of the studio you teach in.

To explore more options, visit a local mind body spirit expo.